BREAKFAST: Break-your-fast!

    I love Breakfast; it's always when I am most hungry. It's also incredibly versatile, on our menu there's something for everyone!


    BRUNCH: In between Breakfast and Lunch, we at Ali's Kitchen celebrate Brunch everyday, but the weekend is when we have a full Brunch menu.

    Poachies galore and hollandaise heaven!

    Classic dishes like Eggs Benedict & Potato Hash to Waffles, Fritters and French Toast.

    Bubbles & Mimosas at the weekend makes our Brunch extra special.


    LUNCH: Whether you're in a hurry for a tasty sandwich or looking for a hot Lunch, lighter Salad or Soup, Ali's Kitchen has the lunch for you!


  • Our Menus are small as we make and prepare everything except the sourdough daily. This guarantees quality and tasting the love we put into our food.

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